Tuesday, May 12, 2009

At Least It Wasn't Smarties


For Teacher Appreciation Day, my boss put candy bars in all the teachers’ mailboxes. Nice. Nothing a bunch of stressed out women like more than chocolate, right? Her choice was the Hershey’s PayDay Bar. Have you had one lately? No, me neither. Until today.

I’m a very appreciative person by nature. If you give me something, I will be grateful. But, come on.

Actual Hershey’s PayDay Bar

I'm sorry, but this is not a candy bar. This, is a granola bar. This, is a snack served in little bowls on a bar and refilled throughout the night to make patrons buy more beer. This, is an affront to the good Hershey’s name.

At least I can appreciate the symmetry. My candy payday was about as satisfying as my real one.



Judy H. said...

I wonder what will be in your mailboxes next time.
I'm thinking COAL!

Anonymous said...

Paydays are the kind of crandy that if you have no other candy in the house to eat and you are desperate for something sweet to munch, you grab an apple. I remember them tasting like something your crazy aunt from Germany sent for a Christmas present and they arrived in July. They are the fruitcakes of candy. stoone

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I always thought Payday bars tasted stale. You're so right about the symbolism - neither is particularly satisfying.

I'm so lucky to have my principal - she invites us to her house for drinks as an appreciative gesture...Maybe we high school teachers do it differently ;D