Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting a Woody

Last week my husband sent me a link to his University classified ads. Usually, these links take me where I want to go—nice places like community garage sales or cheap iPods. My man knows the way to my heart. But not this time. This time, just a few seconds before clicking send, he apparently took up crack smoking. What other explanation can there be for the link he sent? A link that, inexplicably, took me to some nice lady who found some nice doggie who needs a nice home. I'm sorry; have we met? Because if we had, you might remember that I'm really not so much an animal lover. Remember, I'm the one who wouldn't even clean the fish bowl until it turned to paella. A dog? Really, honey? Really?

But then, ruthless manipulator that he is, he pulled out those three little words he knew I couldn't refute: Isn't he cute?

Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I guess he was sort of cute. But not near as cute as my couch, and its eight hundred dollars worth of fancy Cynthia East upholstery. So the topic was dropped, my husband entered rehab, and the doggie was forgotten. For about five minutes. And then he was ours.

My husband is right an impossibly, infuriatingly large percentage of the time. It may well be his worst flaw. This time was no different. Woody is a perfect fit for our family. I'm not even sure why, but I loved him instantly. And every day, I love him a little more. Weird, right?

Thank you, honey, for ignoring me and doing what you knew was right. Sometimes you know what I need before I do. I love you for it, almost as much as I love Woody.



Tanya said...

Woody is adorable and I'm so glad he is a great fit for your family.

Judy said... this, including the picture of Dan, Daniel & Woody.
Can't wait to meet him in March!

Lizz said...

Very cute!

He is missing the obese-ness, the gray, he can probably hear and I bet he smells better! Boy, I really got the shaft.

Lori said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your visit today - what a nice surprise!

What a cutie Woody is! You never think you need a dog, but then a Woody comes into your life and you can't imagine what life would be like without him!

So glad I found your blog - I'm looking forward to having time to explore more of it! You are very talented.