Friday, August 27, 2010

Happily Ever After

It was last spring when my principal broke the news. Due to the shifting student population, my school would be losing one of our three Pre-K classes. Due to lousy decision making skills resulting in a complete inability to pick a career until my thirties, I had least seniority. I was being transferred, like it or not. As an elderly person, I did not embrace this sudden and involuntary change. Given the choice, I would have stayed put, surrounded by the comforting known.

Sometimes, it's a really good thing I don't always get what I want.

I've been at the new school seven days now, and even with my trusty Merriam-Webster Online just a click away, I couldn't possibly find the words to say how happy I am. Over the moon happy. Clicking my heels happy. It's 2:35 already? happy.

Strange things happen at this new school that I hope I never get used to. Things like the principal going out of her way to make sure I have what I need to be happy, even on a Saturday. And a teacher wishing me a "winning" year, and handing me a lottery ticket. Or an aide showing up out of the blue, wondering if I needed anything done. Then there's the (handsome!) counselor stopping by just to read to the kids.

The Lunch Lady isn't even mean.

Weird, right?

And then there's Sarah, my aide, who is sweet and smart and hard-working and reliable and agreeable and cooperative and very possibly perfect. If I had to, I would pay her myself just to have her with me every day.

But I haven't even told you the best part yet. Every once in a while, just for a second, I see him.

And, well, I just don't have the words.


judy said...

I'm so happy that your new school year is full of blessings.
As always...I love the way you express yourself.

Gloria said...

This is so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you both! I am sure he loves seeing you too. Glad its wonderful.
Diane M

carol said...

What do you mean the lunch lady isn't mean? That part just doesn't make sense to me.

Mike Rush said...


I laughed out loud when I read, "and as an elderly person." You're elderly like beer is a vitamin drink. Sheesh.

I'm happy for you. Your blog was so inviting, I couldn't help but be. I taught overseas for a few years; in those little schools my daughters were my music students and then again in math. I know the heart-flipping joy of seeing the one with your DNA during the school day.

Wishing you your best year ever.


Mike Teacher Food

Soozietoone said...

I'm surprised you can even hobble around the classroom, given your advanced age....

Kate said...

I love hearing how happy you are this year! And SO happy that the decision to move Daniel has been completely positive. Yeah for your great year! I hope it continues to be your best year ever.