Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weathering the storm

When the forecast calls for snow here in Arkansas, everyone races to gather necessary supplies to assure survival, even if accumulations rise dangerously above an inch. Well don't think that just because I'm a Yankee I'm any different. The minute that first flake flew, we got busy.

Whew. I think we're gonna make it.


Anonymous said...

I like your idea of what is necessary.

Soozietoone said...

Here I worried about feeding my family instead of nourishing myself. Jeez.
Xiao made her spectacular chicken pot pie, although we forgot a crust so ate it over rice. We thought about Daniel and you.

John at ALB said...

This is the part where in it's okay to have the snow as long as I have a good cup of that thing on the photo.

Jomama said...

Love your sense of humor. Or sense of necessity. One of those ;-)