Friday, June 19, 2009

A Happier Marriage, In Three Easy Steps


Step One ~

Step Two ~

Step Three ~

Voila, asshole.

You're welcome, America.


Amy B. said...

So simple, yet so very, very important...

Anonymous said...

Susan. You wouldn't even THINK about saying that my baby brother would leave the TP roller empty. I know you are not telling me that.

Judy H. said...

Hey........who are you calling names.
Not my wonderful son in law, I hope.

My hubby (your father) knows to replace the roll, he just has the paper going in the wrong direction.

You left that bit of info out of your instructions. It's vital around here.

Anonymous said...

Loved It!

Now, do the one for the empty food containers left in pantry/fridge limbo, right next to that newly opened (fill in the blank. . . Condiments, Cereal, Milk, Etc).

Grace @ Sandier Pastures said...

LOL! and I thought I'd be reading a long article! Very well said, your photos clearly said 3,000 words (each has a thousand).

Love this post! I bloghopped from Kirtsy.

Jomama said...

OK, 2 funny posts in a row, I'm gonna have to read more of you later...

Anonymous said...

This is why you need two bathrooms. His and hers, that's the key to a happy marriage right there.