Sunday, May 15, 2011


There were two things worthy of celebration at our house today—

1. I am now one semester closer to finishing grad school.
2. It's almost summer in Arkansas and we needed jackets.

I'm seriously not sure which is bigger news in my book, but they both make me very, very happy.

We decided a celebration was in order, and as luck would have it, there was a festival in town—the Jewish Food Festival. After soaking in the music, culture, and delicious aromas, we made our lunch selections and found a seat by the river, enjoying our meals as we watched the children burn off their blintzes in a bouncy house.

Like this one—

Apparently a little distracted by his latkes, some clumsy reveler tripped over the cord, taking a bit of the bounce out of the house.

Like this one—

Well, my falafel was really good. So good, that I just sat there, chewing and gawking, as the house collapsed upon itself, trapping all the helpless children inside.

Thank baby Jesus my husband uses his head for something other than food intake, because he didn't even swallow before bolting into rescue mode. He dropped his plate and ran to the house, propping up the flaccid door as children wriggled out around his feet.

It was like he didn't even care that his kabob cost eight tickets.


Anonymous said...

Truly Super Dan!
(and for the record, you looked FANTASTIC! I mean, like, WOW! Just sayin.)

Mom said...

That Dan is quite a guy. Glad you appreciate him!