Sunday, April 4, 2010

Felices Pascuas

We gathered together I don't know how many times, heads bowed, listening to Charlie humbly ask God to bless our meal. When he finished last Easter, we kept our heads down a little longer than usual. We weren't ready for it to be over. We all knew it was the last time.

Cancer. We had just found out.

Forty days later, he was gone.

Lillian, his bride of 60 years, has been amazing. My respect for her continues to grow each time I catch a glimpse of the enormous poise and strength that fills this tiny lady. She's faced their anniversary, his birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the days in between with remarkable grace. But Easter was too much to ask.

So this year, we gathered together in a completely different way. Instead of a blessing, we placed our orders. Instead of a ham, we had enchiladas. Instead of tradition, we had change. But even though we did our best not to mention Charlie, he was still with us.

He always will be.

Happy Easter, wherever you are.


robin said...

I miss him so much, especially in holidays. He loved seeing those boys run around on their sugar highs. And I totally agree...Mee-Maw is small but mighty.

bloorondo said...

Beautiful, Honey. Thank you.

Soozietoone said...

Ditto what Dan said.